Terms and Conditions

NEURON Club Card for Educators

Terms & Conditions

  • NEURON Club card for Educators is offered to registered educational institutions within Australia and New Zealand only to access specialised pricing along with other benefits.
  • NEURON Club and card is linked to the registered educational institution’s account, not the custodian of the card.
  • A professionally engaged Educator from a registered educational institution may qualify to sign up to the NEURON Club on behalf of the institution with appropriate identification.
  • NEURON Club card is available for use within Jaycar Electronics company owned stores in Australia and New Zealand only.
  • Specialised pricing offered varies throughout product categories.
  • Signing up to the NEURON Club card null and voids any other Jaycar card or offer for the registered educational institution.
  • The card is for use with the institution’s account, additional criteria is required to use it. Such criteria may include presenting a staff ID card linking the individual to the institution and photo ID.
  • For substantial purchases we advise getting a 30-day quotation in-store.

Account Facilities for Education Institutions

Jaycar Electronics trading as TechBrands (“Seller”) will automatically provide account facilities for Schools (Government & non-Government), TAFE, Colleges and Universities.

  • You can buy from us on a 30-day (strictly from invoice) account.
  • The invoice will go with the goods or to your accounts payable office (you nominate).

Credit Limits

  • There is a $15 minimum order where PO number is provided.
  • Credit limit is capped at $5,000

Credit Terms

  • Credit Accounts, 30-day trading terms from end of month
  • Credit card surcharges apply for any credit account settlement. (Diners card not accepted).
  • Direct Deposits must use a purchase order number and quotation or invoice number as a reference
  • Non Payment of monies due will be cause to discontinue supply and to commence recovery procedures

Trading Terms

General terms and conditions for Jaycar Electronics including purchasing and store information can be viewed at: www.jaycar.com.au/trading.