KR9200 mBot Tutorials

A selection of useful tutorials for getting started with your mBot! Learn how to build it and enjoy a range of programming projects from controlling the LEDs to making music.


KR9200 Introducing mBot!

Short on time? Watch the mBot build time lapse video. Also discover a multitude of applications using mBot for lessons in STEM that will keep students engaged throughout!


KJ8916 Robot Arm Kit with Controller

Check out the build video of the Robot Arm and see just a hint of what it can do.

KJ8918 All Terrain Multi Function Tracked Robot

Watch the tracked robot being constructed and then see it in action.

KR9230 Codey Rocky is Child’s Play!

Codey Rocky is a great companion robot for kids who have a mind full of challenges to solve. See how Codey Rocky makes coding child’s play!