Ardublock and Linker Projects

Explore graphical coding with Ardublock.


UV Meter

This simple yet effective project will provide a way to measure the UV levels in your area.


IR Remote Learner

With our IR Remote Learner kit, you will be able to learn the custom codes of those hard to replace remotes.


Audio Matrix Spectrum

This project will give you a small spectrum display that you can sit on your desk, or even next to a speaker.


WiFi Sign

This neat project can instantly decorate your shop window, bedroom door, or loungeroom.


Star-gazing Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith named the first Women in STEM Ambassador

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith is an award-winning astrophysicist and presenter on ABC’s Stargazing Live. She will now take on the very important role of Women in STEM Ambassador.


Arduino Based LED Tester

A handy little tool that can help you out if you work with LEDs a lot, especially if you are always trying to work out the right resistor to make them work.


Guess That Song Game

Turn your living room into a real life game show and have fun playing with your family and friends!


Wireless Silent Notifier

This is a perfect project for new mums and dads or anyone that needs to be alerted without making a sound.


Automatic Blinds Opener

Let the power of the sun encourage you to get out of bed each morning with this curtain/blinds opener.


GPS Speedometer

This project displays basic GPS information such as longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, and distance travelled from point A to B.


Christmas Star

Sticking with tradition and going for the early days of electronics with this kit.


rPi Project Controller

This is an extensible and hackable project controller that could form the basis of your project controlling needs.


Portable Soil Moisture Meter

This is a great little tool for the green thumbs.


Mini Wi-fi Meter

This handy little tool can be used to check for any Wi-Fi signals around, use it to see how well the connection in your workshop is going or to see if there's any free Wi-Fi hotspots when you're out and about.


Make Your Own Light Up Christmas Card to Impress Your Friends and Family

Surprise your friends and family with these creative Christmas cards!


KR9230 Codey Rocky is Child’s Play!

Codey Rocky is a great companion robot for kids who have a mind full of challenges to solve. See how Codey Rocky makes coding child’s play!

3 Neuron Projects

Great for the little ones, this month we've provided you with 3 projects with different levels of difficulty and all utilizing only a single Makeblock Inventor Kit.


KJ9350/KJ9352 Squishy Circuits Standard Kit

What could be more fun than teaching the basics of electrical circuits using special play dough? This is play dough on a whole new level! Check out our quick projects […]

KJ8918 All Terrain Multi Function Tracked Robot

Watch the tracked robot being constructed and then see it in action.

KJ8916 Robot Arm Kit with Controller

Check out the build video of the Robot Arm and see just a hint of what it can do.

KR9220 Introducing Airblock!

Watch how to get started with your Airblock then grab some cool ideas for DIY projects, vehicle racing and some inspiration on creating your very own action movie!


KR9202 Makeblock Makes Learning Fun!

Watch the fun as students learn how to interact with the mBot Ranger!


KJ9190 Introducing MakeBlock’s Neuron Inventor Kit!

Get inspiration for incorporating Neuron into STEM lessons with projects ideas and an overview of the Neuron software.


KR9200 Introducing mBot!

Short on time? Watch the mBot build time lapse video. Also discover a multitude of applications using mBot for lessons in STEM that will keep students engaged throughout!


KR9200 mBot Tutorials

A selection of useful tutorials for getting started with your mBot! Learn how to build it and enjoy a range of programming projects from controlling the LEDs to making music.


Arcade Joystick

There's a lot of arcade emulators out there that can run on many computers including the Raspberry Pi, so it only makes sense to play these emulators on some authentic hardware.


Game Machine

We found a little game project online, and with it being open-source, realised we could make our own version of it using duinotech parts. Even better, there's already a heap of games that have been created.


DIY Christmas Star

Construct your own arduino powered Christmas star! View online for detailed instructions.


LED Christmas Tree

Here's a good project for a beginner, which can add a bit of Christmas spirit to your workbench, and also teach you how multiple LED's can be controlled from a handful of microcontroller pins. Being Arduino based, the LED Christmas Tree can also be customized to your liking.


Christmas Countdown Clock

This project probably has the most parts of any of the ones we have done, but is sure to help spread some Christmas joy. It's a clock which displays the time and date, and also displays the number of days until Christmas.


Snake Game

Here's the first of our mini projects that you can build from parts in the XC3900 kit. It's a take on the old 'Snake' game that you might have seen on old Nokia phones or even earlier on Atari.


Tiny85 Game

We're glad we've got the ATTiny85 IC, because now we can build some really tiny projects. Inspired by Dombeef's pockeTETRIS game, we set about building our own version, and even creating a new game that runs on the same hardware.


LED Christmas Tree with Music

One of the ideas that sprung to mind when we first got in the XC4380 LED Strip Module was that it would be great for displays like Christmas lights. With Christmas on the way, we’ve turned them into a miniature Christmas tree complete with music playing from an SD card. Add a little bit of Christmas to your desk or workbench! Some soldering needed.



We usually think of soldering irons, pliers and oscilloscopes when we think of electronic tools, and while this project may not be useful to the electronics enthusiast, we think it's a good way of showing how Arduino based tools can be useful in other fields- in this case for musicians.


Android Picture Frame

There's not a lot to construct in this project- it's just an Uno and LCD Touch Shield, but if you want a simple project that looks slick, then it's a good place to start.


Wireless Garden Monitor

Here's a project that uses two Arduino boards to communicate wirelessly- the first Arduino reads a soil moisture sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor, and sends the data to a second Arduino that displays the data in a graph and text.


Wall Dodging Robot

This clever robot is the perfect way to get started with robotics. The robot explores its surroundings as it avoids obstacles and walls in its path. Starting with the provided code, the robot can easily be expanded upon.