rPi Project Controller

This is an extensible and hackable project controller that could form the basis of your project controlling needs.


Christmas Star

Sticking with tradition and going for the early days of electronics with this kit.


GPS Speedometer

This project displays basic GPS information such as longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, and distance travelled from point A to B.


Automatic Blinds Opener

Let the power of the sun encourage you to get out of bed each morning with this curtain/blinds opener.


Wireless Silent Notifier

This is a perfect project for new mums and dads or anyone that needs to be alerted without making a sound.


Guess That Song Game

Turn your living room into a real life game show and have fun playing with your family and friends!


Arduino Based LED Tester

A handy little tool that can help you out if you work with LEDs a lot, especially if you are always trying to work out the right resistor to make them work.


WiFi Sign

This neat project can instantly decorate your shop window, bedroom door, or loungeroom.