LED Christmas Tree

Here's a good project for a beginner, which can add a bit of Christmas spirit to your workbench, and also teach you how multiple LED's can be controlled from a handful of microcontroller pins. Being Arduino based, the LED Christmas Tree can also be customized to your liking.


DIY Christmas Star

Construct your own arduino powered Christmas star! View online for detailed instructions.


Game Machine

We found a little game project online, and with it being open-source, realised we could make our own version of it using duinotech parts. Even better, there's already a heap of games that have been created.


Arcade Joystick

There's a lot of arcade emulators out there that can run on many computers including the Raspberry Pi, so it only makes sense to play these emulators on some authentic hardware.


3 Neuron Projects

Great for the little ones, this month we've provided you with 3 projects with different levels of difficulty and all utilizing only a single Makeblock Inventor Kit.


Make Your Own Light Up Christmas Card to Impress Your Friends and Family

Surprise your friends and family with these creative Christmas cards!


Mini Wi-fi Meter

This handy little tool can be used to check for any Wi-Fi signals around, use it to see how well the connection in your workshop is going or to see if there's any free Wi-Fi hotspots when you're out and about.


Portable Soil Moisture Meter

This is a great little tool for the green thumbs.