Over $100/PP


Wall Dodging Robot

This clever robot is the perfect way to get started with robotics. The robot explores its surroundings as it avoids obstacles and walls in its path. Starting with the provided code, the robot can easily be expanded upon.


Wireless Garden Monitor

Here's a project that uses two Arduino boards to communicate wirelessly- the first Arduino reads a soil moisture sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor, and sends the data to a second Arduino that displays the data in a graph and text.


Christmas Countdown Clock

This project probably has the most parts of any of the ones we have done, but is sure to help spread some Christmas joy. It's a clock which displays the time and date, and also displays the number of days until Christmas.


3 Neuron Projects

Great for the little ones, this month we've provided you with 3 projects with different levels of difficulty and all utilizing only a single Makeblock Inventor Kit.


rPi Project Controller

This is an extensible and hackable project controller that could form the basis of your project controlling needs.


GPS Speedometer

This project displays basic GPS information such as longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, and distance travelled from point A to B.


Automatic Blinds Opener

Let the power of the sun encourage you to get out of bed each morning with this curtain/blinds opener.


Wireless Silent Notifier

This is a perfect project for new mums and dads or anyone that needs to be alerted without making a sound.