Wall Dodging Robot

This clever robot is the perfect way to get started with robotics. The robot explores its surroundings as it avoids obstacles and walls in its path. Starting with the provided code, the robot can easily be expanded upon.


Wireless Garden Monitor

Here's a project that uses two Arduino boards to communicate wirelessly- the first Arduino reads a soil moisture sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor, and sends the data to a second Arduino that displays the data in a graph and text.


Android Picture Frame

There's not a lot to construct in this project- it's just an Uno and LCD Touch Shield, but if you want a simple project that looks slick, then it's a good place to start.



We usually think of soldering irons, pliers and oscilloscopes when we think of electronic tools, and while this project may not be useful to the electronics enthusiast, we think it's a good way of showing how Arduino based tools can be useful in other fields- in this case for musicians.


LED Christmas Tree with Music

One of the ideas that sprung to mind when we first got in the XC4380 LED Strip Module was that it would be great for displays like Christmas lights. With Christmas on the way, we’ve turned them into a miniature Christmas tree complete with music playing from an SD card. Add a little bit of Christmas to your desk or workbench! Some soldering needed.


Tiny85 Game

We're glad we've got the ATTiny85 IC, because now we can build some really tiny projects. Inspired by Dombeef's pockeTETRIS game, we set about building our own version, and even creating a new game that runs on the same hardware.


Snake Game

Here's the first of our mini projects that you can build from parts in the XC3900 kit. It's a take on the old 'Snake' game that you might have seen on old Nokia phones or even earlier on Atari.


Christmas Countdown Clock

This project probably has the most parts of any of the ones we have done, but is sure to help spread some Christmas joy. It's a clock which displays the time and date, and also displays the number of days until Christmas.