Wireless Silent Notifier

This is a perfect project for new mums and dads or anyone that needs to be alerted without making a sound.


Automatic Blinds Opener

Let the power of the sun encourage you to get out of bed each morning with this curtain/blinds opener.


GPS Speedometer

This project displays basic GPS information such as longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, and distance travelled from point A to B.


Christmas Star

Sticking with tradition and going for the early days of electronics with this kit.


rPi Project Controller

This is an extensible and hackable project controller that could form the basis of your project controlling needs.


Portable Soil Moisture Meter

This is a great little tool for the green thumbs.


Mini Wi-fi Meter

This handy little tool can be used to check for any Wi-Fi signals around, use it to see how well the connection in your workshop is going or to see if there's any free Wi-Fi hotspots when you're out and about.


Make Your Own Light Up Christmas Card to Impress Your Friends and Family

Surprise your friends and family with these creative Christmas cards!