Ardublock and Linker Projects

Explore graphical coding with Ardublock.


UV Meter

This simple yet effective project will provide a way to measure the UV levels in your area.


IR Remote Learner

With our IR Remote Learner kit, you will be able to learn the custom codes of those hard to replace remotes.


Audio Matrix Spectrum

This project will give you a small spectrum display that you can sit on your desk, or even next to a speaker.


WiFi Sign

This neat project can instantly decorate your shop window, bedroom door, or loungeroom.


Star-gazing Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith named the first Women in STEM Ambassador

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith is an award-winning astrophysicist and presenter on ABC’s Stargazing Live. She will now take on the very important role of Women in STEM Ambassador.


Arduino Based LED Tester

A handy little tool that can help you out if you work with LEDs a lot, especially if you are always trying to work out the right resistor to make them work.


Guess That Song Game

Turn your living room into a real life game show and have fun playing with your family and friends!