About Us

NEURON Club for Educators
  • Are you a STEM educator looking for inspiration in electronics for your classroom?
  • Looking for electronics resources for your school?
  • Need electronics kits for your students in bulk?
  • Is retail pricing not an option for your school?
  • Is specialised pricing important to your school?

Our NEURON Club is designed to support STEM and other discipline Educators within a registered educational institution. The Club provides assistance to institutions wanting practical resources, or help introducing and inspiring their students in the STEM curriculum.

Benefits for the Institution:

  • Specialised pricing on educational products
  • Exclusive access to a STEM projects database designed specifically for Educators
  • Regular promotional offers
  • Invitations to attend special Educator workshops held in-store or in-class
  • Early bird updates on new products arriving in the STEM and education technology range to allow time to plan lesson content

Your local Jaycar store can assist with a wide range of learning projects in science, green power, robotics and construction kits for the kids to build themselves or for more electronics-based learning from basic non-soldering kits through to Arduino or Raspberry Pi programmable modules, and our great range of 3D printers and accessories.

Specialised Pricing on Educational Products


We have put together some value packs for Educators. However, if your School or College requires a specific combination of products to support your class learning objectives, please contact us.

  • Education special value pack pricing
  • 30-day account - in-store or online
  • Volume quoting available on request
  • Customised packages
  • Scheduled and forward ordering service


Jaycar will automatically provide account facilities for the following institutions:

  • All schools - K to 12 (Government and non-Government)
  • All CAE's, Colleges, Universities, etc.

The account is 30 days and the invoice will go with the goods or to your accounts payable office. There is a $15 minimum order where Purchase Order number is provided.

Exclusive Access to a STEM Projects Database Designed Specifically for Educators

Find a range of projects and resources to inspire and assist with lesson planning on the NEURON website. Each project has a how-to guide and separate prepared shopping list for you to download and print, to assist in planning the quantities required for your school purchase without wastage. You can take the shopping list to your local Jaycar store where your order will be prepared for you. You'll also find STEM resources such as video introductions, project and activity inspiration, tutorials, articles and more.

Regular Promotional Offers

We'll send promotional offers direct to the email addresses registered at sign-up to the NEURON Club. These offers will be tailored exclusively to NEURON Club members with a focus on education. Email addresses can be updated at any time by contacting us in-store or via the Contact Us form on the NEURON website.

Invitations to Attend Special Educator Workshops Held In-store or In-class


We have initiated in-store workshops in a few of our stores that are practical, hands-on short courses to extend the knowledge base and skills of the participants. We are developing specialised workshops as resource and training programs to assist Teachers and Students to maximise the STEM opportunity in their schools and colleges. By joining our Educator's Club, Neuron, you'll receive updates and invitations to our scheduled Workshops. We'll also post upcoming events on the Events page of the NEURON website. You can also ask about upcoming events when in your local store.

Early Bird Updates on New Products Arriving in the STEM and Education Technology Range to Allow Time to Plan Lesson Content

We'll send a heads up about new products arriving into store soon, direct to the email addresses registered at sign-up to the NEURON Club. With prior knowledge of what products are coming soon it may help with planning lesson content, budgeting and purchasing of materials for an upcoming term or semester.

Not a member? Sign up in your local store any time!